What The Heck?

There comes a point where action by the morons in Washington stops being funny and starts being worrisome. In case you’re wondering, I consider myself neither a Republican or a Democrat. I do consider myself a thinking, rational, human being, which has ruled out being a Republican for the last 40 years. Democrats can be nutty, but they generally don’t stay in office long enough to do much damage.

That being said, the time to give the Republicans the benefit of the doubt has come to an end. They have become the party of conspiracy theories, tribalism writ large, and simple solutions to complex problems.

Up until now, it’s been bad, but it hasn’t been dangerous. That changed once Donald Trump got elected. I am convinced that he is not only incompetent but dangerous. Incompetent because he seems incapable of thinking anything through before he does it. Impulsiveness is not something we need in the Oval Office.

He is also too easily influenced by people like Alex Jones and the hateful purveyors of faux-Christianity in the Evangelical community. Now many Evangelicals are fine people, who live their faith. However, many of the members of their leadership are con-artists, persuading people that sending money they don’t have will solve all their problems.

You may disagree with me, but let me make something clear. The minute you make claims and aren’t willing to back them up with sources that aren’t opinion pieces or provided by obviously biased sources, you’ve lost credibility. Asking others to do a Google search is much of the same. If you can’t show your work, you don’t know the answer.

If you refer to someone as a Rethuglican, DemoRat or libtard, or refer to individuals as TRump, Obummer, Killary, or any other cute nicknames that I’ve seen over the last three years, the same rule applies.

I have, in moments of pique referred to the President with any number of epithets such as the Orange Shitgibbon of Ignorance, but I try not to let that happen too often. The thing is, that this is the kind of rhetoric that keeps dividing us instead of bringing us together to actually solve problems.

Politics and policy is not a zero sum game, we all lose when that happens. This is part of what frustrates me with the way things are right now. One side is playing winner take all, the other is playing “let’s all get along”. Unless we as voters tell the side playing winner take all to stop, we’ll never get beyond the current morass.