A Pragmatist Manifesto

We are less than a week away from Election Day 2020, and I must admit that I am apprehensive as hell. Donald Trump is running behind in the polls, but I have nightmares that he’ll be reelected.

This isn’t just because I lean Democratic, but because I firmly believe that the American Experiment can’t survive 4 more years of his leadership or lack thereof.

I’m Published!

I finished my first book, called “Agile Limericks”. It’s a collection of poems and essays about Agile development and Scrum. For those of you not in the IT industry, it’s a way of building software that I’ve been studying and learning about for the last few years.

Admittedly, I self-published, but I’ve managed to sell a few copies, so I’ll say that counts.

If you are at all interested, you can buy your own copy in either ebook or print on demand paperback here.

In the meantime, I’m 6000 words into my first novel “Flight of the Pigasus” and 2 stories into a 10 story collection called “Masks and Other Things”

I’ve been out of work 6 months now. It’s hard to really feel hopeful, but I keep trying.