Agile Limericks

Keep Things Simple

There was a Scrum Master who said
I worry that Agile is dead!
it’s been made convoluted
It’s value diluted
Let’s keep it simple instead


Trying to do estimation
Often leads to frustration
By the hour by the point
We still disappoint
Due to unrealistic expectations


Certifications are nice
But let me share some advice
CSMs, PSMs and some such
In the end they don’t count for much
Experience is much more precise


A backlog’s a list of what’s needed
To say that the product’s completed
Best raise some objections
To needless injections
Else you might end up feeling defeated


A standup to be most effective
must have a simple objective
What was done, what you’ll do
Can someone help you?
Else it ends up being defective


A Scrum Master gained animosity
By focusing just on velocity
“You’re trying our patience!
Let’s just stick with cadence!”
His team yelled with unmatched ferocity